Surrounded by charming coniferous forests, the former cloister “Amorhof“ of the Benedictine abbey Amorbach of 1446 is located in the middle of the Bavarian Odenwald nature park. Carefully selected by the monks, a stay in the Schafhof leaves behind lasting impressions of the nature which remains. The historic building has already been appropriately described by Jesuit Father Rupert Lay as a location “where heaven and earth are particularly close together“. Only a few years ago, a large part of the building was restored and was expanded into a one-of-a-kind 4-star hotel, the “Schafhof Amorbach“. With its luxuriously furnished bedrooms, top-quality restaurant “Abt- und Schäferstube” [abbot and shepherds‘ parlour] and the “Pilger- und Reiterstube” [pilgrim and cavalier parlour], the palate as well as the soul are spoiled. In a casual and atmospheric ambience, you can enjoy both the excellent and diverse cuisine as well as the attentive service.

There are seminar rooms in the old press house. Conference and function rooms are situated on the ground level of the Schafhof and are of different sizes and furnishings. The most luxurious rooms are in the roof. The “Benediktinerstube” [Benedictine parlour] forms the centre piece of the historic building and provides a large chimney made from red sandstone. Guests who love the informality of rural, Mediterranean cuisine will be able to enjoy that particular mood here. Those who love and value a union of tradition and contemporary modernity will be inspired by an overnight stay in the monks’ former bed chambers or in the small, cosy rooms in the former cloister and be happy to visit our beautiful hotel in the Odenwald.


Our idea is merging the traditional and the classic, with authentic nature and a modern and guest‑orientated service. So you are in the position to enjoy the charm of the historical buildings such as our hundred-year-old press house and the soothing stillness of untouched Bavarian forests, without missing out on excellent and internationally renowned cuisine or the exquisite wine selection. As a rare combination of old and new, the Schafhof Amorbach is a jewel in the crown of German gastronomy and an absolute must for connoisseurs.

Tradition, Ambience & Service of the highest quality

Schafhof Contemplative Evening

Enjoy the Schafhof with its stunning nature before you indulge yourself in the candle-light dinner in our culinary restaurant Abt- und Schäferstube.

Schafhof Happy Weekend

Listen to the sounds of the Odenwald forest and visit the former monastery property.


Being-well in a calm and sensory atmosphere has a very special meaning at the Schafhof. Enjoy our rural-Mediterranean cuisine and take a rest from your daily routine. Far away from trouble and traffic you can indulge in the calmness and the magic of the Odenwald forest. Relax and gain momentum.

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